MISTLCC at a Glance

On 19 April 1998, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) have started its journey. From the very beginning, it was sincere to ensure not only the proper engineering and technological opportunities but also a good environment to take part in various extra-curricular activities. To make this environment more cooperative and to create an inspiring and sustainable platform for the MIST students, MIST Literature and Cultural Club was introduced.

MIST Literature and Cultural Club is dedicated to create various opportunities to practice art and our culture via organizing various workshops, events. We believe literature and Culture is what holds the true identity of a civilization or a society. It can drive and inspire an individual to think and make a better change.

Even the most learned one is nothing without imagination, creativity and communication skill. For gradual development in a society, we need to do something new and true. And communication skill is what makes it inspiring.

MIST Literature and Cultural Club believe technology and creativity do not contradict each other –rather both of them contribute to proper manifestation of a student. To uphold this belief, MIST Literature and Cultural Club has gloriously treaded its way far by inspiring and involving students of our technological institute.

Now, it has also become a platform for inquisitive individuals to show their latent talent, to shine their knowledge on our culture and literature and excel at better human being.

Aim and Purposes:

  • To provide a platform to practice and encourage literature and cultural based activities and ideas.
  • To arrange national and international competition or fests to inspire students through literature and cultural.
  • To make sure our true Bengali culture, norms are appreciated and practiced
  • To get affiliated with various nationwide cultural societies
  • Increasing presentation and communication skill
  • To go beyond the boundary of academic and technical knowledge.
  • Encouraging free thinking and emerging with new ideas
  • To discourage stage fear and create leadership opportunities for everyone
  • Creating a habit of reading books and get familiarized with different writers
  • To arrange various literature and cultural based workshops and events to inspire students
  • To provide additional support from the club in the cultural activities conducted in MIST
  • Yearly, half yearly or quarterly publication from the club to promote young writers in the club souvenirs.



Our vision is to unite the young generation regardless of background into a common philosophy that our literature and culture is our identity. So it should be appreciated, encouraged and practiced properly. Finally as an engineering institution, we want to introduce a perfect mixture of a tech and art inspired mind, known as proper human mind.


Eligibility for Club Membership:

As a registered student and faculty of MIST, everyone is eligible for the membership in MIST Literature and Cultural Club. The Executive committee shall not refuse an application of membership based on disability, nationality, sex, political views, race or religion. A non-refundable membership fees shall be fixed by the executive committee. A member has to obey all the rules and regulation of the club. The Committee reserves the right of cancelling one’s membership. Any decision from the executive committee shall be obeyed by the members of the club.



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